Association Incharge


our motto

To create a media to express the student’s desire in each and every activities inside the campus.To address the issues facing by the students and articulate it to the managing authority and way out these effectively.


  • Established on 2012-2013 Academic year.The activities in each year starts with the election for the representatives of the council.
  • Academic year 2023-24, The election was conducted on 04.08.23 and the elected members are :

              1.Chairman : Arjun P.( ME A)

              2.Vice Chairperson : Sruthy K.(CE)

              3.General Secretary : Vidhu Sagar(ME B)

              4.Joint Secretary : Alen Bijo(ME A)

   The class representative will act as the mediators for students to the council.

  • A Meeting was commenced on 09.10.23 to congratulate the representatives and effective discussions was done on conducting the Xmas and New year celebrations, arts and sports day etc.
  • Next meeting was organized on 14.03.24 on congratulating the semester toppers and other winners of various competitions held inside the campus. The council treats it as an opportunity to encourage the students for higher academic performances and enhancing their abilities in various scenarios.